Membership Form

Being a member of FIERCE is more than just signing up for something. It’s a mutual commitment between everyone. FIERCE is a community built on a shared commitment for social justice and the leadership of LGBTQ youth of color. What you put into FIERCE is what you will get out of FIERCE. Our organization is member-led, which means your participation is very important. Without your participation and leadership FIERCE cannot and will not exist. We depend on the commitment and initiative of our members. So…



  1. respect and follow the space agreements and hold others accountable to them
  2. lead with trust and respect others
  3. make the space safe for everyone
  4. keep the space clean
  5. attend monthly membership meetings
  6. get involved!!!



  1. Opportunities to develop your leadership skills
  2. One on one support in your leadership here at FIERCE
  3. Respect and support
  4. A place to feel safe
  5. A roundtrip Metrocard for meetings, events, and for doing FIERCE-related work at the office
    LEVEL 1
  • Attend membership meetings once a month (First Tuesday of every month)
  • Come to 1 other FIERCE event every month
    LEVEL 2
  • Attend membership meetings once a month
  • Come to 1 other FIERCE event every month
  • Join a… Committee or ELP
  • Co-Facilitate a meeting