FIERCE is Hiring a Youth Organizer

FIERCE Job Description:
Youth Organizer


FIERCE is a membership-based organization building the leadership and power of Queer, Trans, and Gender non conforming youth of color throughout New York City.  We develop politically conscious leaders who are invested in improving themselves and their communities through youth-led campaigns, leadership development, movement-building, and cultural expression through arts and media. We are committed to building leadership that takes steps forward to make change and organizing that shifts power into the hands of our young people and supports the ongoing movements led by Queer, Trans, and Gender non conforming people of color throughout the world. Some of our past campaigns have included:

  • The Fight for safe space and additional youth services at the Christopher Street pier using community rallies, direct action, and public forums
  • The Fight to end gentrification and the ongoing pushout of LGBTQ people of color from public space
  • Securing resources for youth centers, public facilities, and youth programming for LGBTQ youth of color
  • Fighting to end broken windows policing and ending the ongoing harassment of our community by law enforcement
  • Fighting to end state violence and systemic oppression encountered in healthcare, public services, and education
  • Developing an ongoing system of leadership development through the Education for Liberation Project since 2007

Currently our organization is going through a transition process where we are engaged in strategic planning. This fall we will start our next round of the Education for Liberation and Power Project internship; we’ve added a Power to build greater emphasis on the power we can build in community. We are looking for a new youth organizer to build the movement and support our ongoing vision for social change. We want to hire a youth organizer who can honor the legacy of our sixteen years of youth organizing and come prepared to build the next generation of FIERCE youth leadership.


  • 2-5 years of experience in youth-led or intergenerational organizing with a focus on racial justice, gender justice, education justice, and/or economic justice
  • Demonstrated capacity to develop youth leadership with Trans, Queer, and Gender non conforming youth of color
  • 1-2 years of experience leading, facilitating, and developing workshops on homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, youth led organizing, and/or various areas related to political education
  • 1-2 years of experience with supporting and/or coordinating short and long term campaigns that directly involve, engage, and impact LGBTQ people of color, youth or communities of color
  • Must have received some formal and/or informal training in base building, communications, political education, political analysis, direct action, restorative justice, and/or community organizing

Role & Responsibilities

  • Create and implement a base building plan for Queer, Trans, and Gender non conforming youth of color throughout New York City
  • Mentor and support the ongoing development of FIERCE’s youth leaders in grassroots fundraising efforts, youth led campaigns, and organizational strategic planning
  • Build school and community leadership circles alongside Queer, Trans, and Gender non conforming youth of color in different areas across New York City neighborhoods
  • Supervise and co train youth interns from different areas of NYC
  • Coordinate youth engagement in citywide, local, and national campaigns in police accountability, youth homelessness, and school based social change efforts
  • Should be able to play proactive role in community based healing efforts, conflict resolution, and crisis management for different FIERCE leaders and community members
  • Provide and co lead different skill building trainings for FIERCE leaders in public speaking, outreach, team building, organizing, direct action campaigns and movement building
  • Incorporate art, culture, music, social media, and technology in ongoing campaigns and outreach efforts
  • Co facilitate group brainstorming and planning sessions as campaigns and programs develop with the emphasis on co building with FIERCE youth leadership
  • Is aware of self care needs and can balance them with the needs of youth and a rigorous organizing program


  • Salary is $40-43,000 per year based on experience and capacity of applicant
  • Awesome fringe benefits including generous vacation package and full medical, dental, and optical benefits
  • Discounted metrocard and $50 per month health/wellness stipend

If you are interested in applying please email Mustafa Sullivan, FIERCE’s Executive Director at with your cover letter and resume. If you have any questions about the position please feel free to call him or leave a voicemail at 1-212-601-1938. The deadline for applying to this position is Monday, September 12th.

FIERCE is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, transgender people, people with disabilities, and young people are strongly encouraged to apply.