FIERCE and Right to the City NYC holds solidarity action on the 3rd anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth & New Orleans Share Struggle Against Gentrification

August 26, 2008


Contacts: Glo Ross 646.336.6789 x203
Rickke Mananzala 646.336.6789 x201

What: On Friday, August 29th, Right to the City NYC, a coalition of more than a dozen community-based groups, will commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a rally and march to express solidarity with the displaced residents of the Gulf Coast and to demonstrate that the issues affecting New Orleans residents are also devastating low-income communities in New York City. FIERCE, a community organization dedicated to building the political power of LGBT Youth, is a member of the Right to the City Alliance and will be present at the March in solidarity. The “Call to Action, A Day of Unity” march through Chinatown and the Lower East Side will highlight the effects of gentrification, high cost of living, displacement and lack of public housing are having on the working-class and immigrant populations of these neighborhoods. In addition, FIERCE’s presence highlights that the forces of gentrification and displacement are felt equally by LGBT youth who are facing displacement from the West VIllage and Christopher Street piers which provide a much needed safe haven from unsafe homes and schools. Residents of New Orleans have a the Right to Return. LGBT Youth have a Right to Stay Put. And ultimately, we all have the Right to the City.

Though Hurricane Katrina passed through the Gulf Coast nearly three years ago, its impact and the impact of our government’s neglect of the human rights of people in the Gulf Coast are still felt acutely today.


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