Blog: July 2012

Turning Back the Clock:

Private Development is Still Not an Acceptable Solution for Pier 40

On Tuesday, June 12 at 7pm, I walked into the Community Board 2 Waterfront Committee meeting expecting to see a room full of at least 100 or more concerned residents, business owners, community members, youth organizations and elected officials.  I was shocked and dismayed see only about 40 faces.  The topic at hand: a public hearing about the Hudson River Park Trust’s interest in opening the Hudson River Park Act to allow for changes that would enable the Trust to do such things as issue bonds, pursue mixed-use development, and to offer extended leases with the hopes of generating income for the park.  Only a few short years ago, this was a topic that generated passionate opposition from West Village community members, who organized a united front to stop mega-private-development from reeking havoc on the park and community.