Our experiences as the 2014 FIERCE-ly Elemental Bowl-A-Thon Interns!

My experience as a BAT Intern – Bree Yearwood

Let me start this off by just saying: “nothing I imagined it to be was what I actually experienced.” Being a Bowl-A-Thon Intern was one of the most amazing Internships I’ve had at FIERCE. The internship enabled me to increase my skill levels while discovering a new part of myself.  Now I am more interested to be more professional while incorporating my creativity and ideas. This internship was more than an internship, but in a way a sort of spiritual journey for myself – yeah I know that was deep right?

So, initially, I thought I would come into the office and do the usual office stuff, you know…call some businesses, write a couple of emails...  Yeah it was like that, but more. As every prize, donation, team sign up, and sponsorship came in my stomach did a victory dance on the inside (no, that doesn’t mean I had to poop).  As stressful as it was sometimes, I was hooked and engaged into every step me and my Co-Intern took to get to our ultimate goal. As each challenge came up, conquering it gave me the leverage to keep pushing forward hoping that the event would be as amazing as it turned out to be.

My skills in this internship increased! All the phone calls, the in person outreach, and the emails (Those emails…), I can pretty much say I came close to mastering my outreach and communication skills. The facilitation for the bi-weekly to weekly BAT squad meetings, diminished what was pretty much left of the shyness I experienced when speaking to a group. Those butterflies when you feel like your nervous? Gone.

As a result of this internship I have reached a place where I feel comfortable to expand my horizion’s and apply my experience and skill set to different areas. I’m thrilled that I was able to work in this position, as it helped me to increase many skills and helped me open my mind to what I can do.  The support I received made me so grateful and I thank all those who have helped, especially my supervisor Krystal and of course I can’t forget my fellow BAT Intern Madel (No seriously, Thank You.) The staff, alumni, members, and Co-Director Dulani have immensely helped so much. If you have never been a BAT Intern I’m going to need you to get your life! I can honestly say this internship will be missed.

My experience as a BAT Intern – Madel Hidalgo

This whole experience was a time in my life I wouldn’t take back.  It was nothing short of amazing.  This internship helped me grow as a person in ways that I didn’t even initially think.

At the beginning of my internship I had three personal goals (some I reached and some I’m still improving on)

1. To be better at fundraising

2. Become a better facilitator

3. Become a better multi-tasker.

The internship was 12 weeks of complete coordination of the bowl-a-thon. My supervisor, co-intern and I broke down everything week by week. There were 4 different committees that the BAT divided up into: TOS (Team Out & Support), Logistics, Prizes, & Sponsorships. Each sub-committee had there own responsibilities, strategies, and goals.

I was in charge of TOS, which meant we were in charge of recruiting teams and supporting them in their fundraising efforts. I really enjoyed being part of this sub-committee because I got speak to all different types of people.  I had to find different ways to approach/make people interested and excited about the Bowl-A-Thon. It was difficult at first but we got a lot of new groups of people support us this year!

During the internship I learned how to access different types of networks of people that would be interested in participating in the BAT. I also learned how to efficiently multi task and my awesome supervisor taught me how to edit emails and be more personable in my writing.

It is important for us as FIERCE members to fundraise because grassroots fundraising is at the core of our growth. Members carry out the work and know firsthand the quality of the work is the best! Due to that work we can best advocate for our needs.  It allows supporters to witness and hear from us directly how important and why donations are essential to ensuring our work continues.