Blog: FIERCE E-Zine: an online publication by FIERCE Media Crew

Wanna be in a FIERCE Zine?

Call for Submissions

Submit your work to be featured in a collective FIERCE zine!

As the Media intern, I (Mackenzie) am starting an exciting project to make a FIERCE zine made up of submissions from FIERCE members and other LGBTQ youth of color.


What's a zine?

A zine is a small circulation self-published work of original and/or appropriated (taken for one's own use, often without permission) texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier.


This FIERCE zine will be a print publication (also available online) by LGBTQ youth of color, for LGBTQ youth of color- both within and outside of NYC.  This zine will highlight FIERCE's work, stories and reflections from LGBTQ youth of color about their experiences, resources for queer and trans youth, and photography, art, and poetry.


This is a great opportunity to share your experiences as an LGBTQ youth of color!

You can submit your work either electronically to mackenzie [at] or drop it off in person at FIERCE to Mackenzie or Manny.


The deadline to submit is November 30th.

For more info on content guidelines and how to submit, send me an email.

I'm excited to see what ya'll send in!

Commitment to Our Communities

Building LGBTQ Youth Power

Hello world. I’m Dany, a recent graduate of ELP 1 and ELP 2, and active FIERCE member.



My experience at FIERCE has truly been phenomenal. I am excited about my future with FIERCE because this organization truly embodies what it means to be committed to the community. We work very hard to provide for LGBTQ youth of color, a community with which we can feel at home in and not judged because of our race, economic stature, creed, gender identification, or sexual preference.

Lifting the Veil

FIERCE's Education for Liberation Project

For so many years, the idea that America is the country of ‘equal land and opportunity’ is drilled into our thinking.  Yet for many LGBTQ youth of color who come to FIERCE, the realities of their lives and experiences paint a different picture. As members of FIERCE sit pensively in the back conference room at 147 West 24th Street, attentively listening to the words trailing out of the workshop facilitator’s mouth, eyes widen in realization.

Poetry in Motion: "Evenstar Ending"

This September, the FIERCE Media Crew is launching the inaugural edition of our FIERCE E-Zine.  The E-Zine is an online publication by FIERCE Media Crew for other LGBTQ youth within and outside of NYC.  The E-Zine will highlight FIERCE's work, programs and events; stories and reflections from LGBTQ youth about their experiences; member profiles; ally features; articles on fashion, music, movies; and videos, photography, art, and poetry, such as the following poem by Balder Rosado, FIERCE Media Crew Member:

Summer of 2010: History in the Making!!!

FIERCE Continues the Fight to Keep the West Village Safe for LGBTQ Youth

Ever since our start in 2000, FIERCE has fought to keep Christopher Street safe for LGBTQ youth of color. Because the Piers have been a safe space for so many youth, we want to make sure that they stay safe. Many youth are left homeless after they come out to their families. Often times, members from our community face struggles such as oppression, gentrification, police brutality, homophobia, transphobia and sexism. Many FIERCE members have testified that the pier saved their lives.  

Get to know our Allies!

Community Spotlight on GLOBE/Make the Road

This year, GLOBE and FIERCE worked together to host Capoeira on the Pier: one of our free summer programming events on the piers.  FIERCE also mobilized to support GLOBE’s 5th Annual Bushwich Pride March. 


Media Crew Members Balder and Stitch sat down recently to talk to GLOBE’s Karina Claudio about their work.  Here’s what Karina had to say: