FIERCE Celebrates 10 Years!

Gay-la celebration raises over $30,000 to support LGBTQ youth of color organizing!

On Thursday, May 13, 2010 FIERCE hosted our 10th Anniversary Gay-la Extravaganza!

The Gay-la Extravaganza was a huge success. Over 500 people attended the event, including FIERCE Members, Alumni, Founders, Allies and hundreds of community supporters. We want to send a deep, heartfelt thank you to all the FIERCE Members, Staff, Board, Founders, Supporters, Allies, and many more for a wonderful night! It wouldn't have been possible without all of you there to celebrate 10 years of LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing! Thanks to your support, we raised over $32,000 to support FIERCE in continuing our work to build the leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color in NYC.

Impact of Student Metrocard Cuts!!

How the cut of student metrocards affect LGBTQ youth of color?
Student metro cards are extremely important for all students especially those who live in low-income households. Many students receiving public school education are in fact, a person who comes from a middle class to low income home. This means that students who struggle to meet their basic needs like housing, food, clothing, and other necessities will have to continue to prioritize what is more important.

FIERCE Lands in Dallas, TX for the LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit

Where you can find FIERCE at Creating Change


LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


FIERCE will host the first-ever, day-long LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit in Dallas, TX at the Creating Change Conference on February 3, 2010.  The summit is one way that FIERCE is putting recommendations from our new report, Coming Out, Stepping Up, into action—particularly the call on LGBTQ youth to increase our capacity to organize through developing effective campaign strategies, membership base-building, and deepening political consciousness.


The summit will build the grassroots organizing skills of LGBTQ youth of color who increasingly face homelessness, lack of safe public spaces, and violence.  Since LGBTQ youth are more than just recipients of services, we hope to share approaches for how organizations can build the political power of LGBTQ youth of color through membership-led grassroots organizing campaigns and leadership development.

Campaign Updates 2009

OMG, Really!?!


Hey our fabulous people!


ELP3, the third cycle of FIERCE’s Education for Liberation Project, just finished and we had the honor of being campaign interns.


During our internship we recruited FIERCE members to the Campaign Steering Committee (CSC), which plans the direction, goals and structure of FIERCE campaigns; facilitated monthly CSC meetings; and co- facilitated the Halloween Party with ELP3 base building interns.  We completely FIERCE-ified our CSC shelf and made it more usable and helpful to CSC members, we created a new member orientation packet along with a facilitators guide, and we attended meetings that pertained to Our S.P.O.T. Campaign.


FIERCE Launches New National Program

This year, FIERCE launched a new national program to build more strategic avenues for increasing the political power of LGBTQ youth across the country and to address the gap in youth leadership within the broader LGBTQ movement


As part of the national program, we are excited to announce that FIERCE will be hosting the first-ever LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit at the Creating Change Conference in Dallas, Texas on February 3, 2010. 

FIERCE Frontlines: Winter 2009

Season's Greetings & Happy New Year

Welcome to the year-end edition of FIERCE Frontlines, the quarterly e-newsletter of FIERCE, a membership-led organization working to build the leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color in New York City.


As this year comes to a close, we’d like to thank you for all the hard work, dedication and support you’ve given to help make 2009 one of our most successful, memorable and exciting years to date!   We look forward to keeping the momentum going into 2010, the year of our 10th Anniversary.

Base Building and Outreach Report for 2009

One of the things I love about being part of a member-led organization is that we can run multiple projects and major campaigns as long as members are passionate and involved. This is where Base-building and Outreach comes in.   


Building FIERCE’s membership base is the foundation of our work; without our members, we couldn’t run campaigns, create media or fundraise. 

Youth Development Program Picks Up Speed in 09

The Youth Development Program at FIERCE is a very important component of our work that has been recently incorporated into FIERCE’s organizing model. The Youth Development program functions to build and support members’ development of their wellness and sustainability in the organizing movement.


For the past couple of months, I have been co-organizing and participating in the youth development program at FIERCE as an Education for Liberation Project (ELP) 3 intern. Prior to ELP3, I participated in Youth Development activities and can say that the program is extremely necessary not just at FIERCE but in the social justice movement as a whole.

Tabata Tuesday

Tabata Tuesday (TT) is an event that goes on at the FIERCE office where members and even some staff get together to work out.  

Izumi Tabata was a researcher that invented the workout theory.  He believed that instead of doing normal exercises (ex. running) for long periods of time, it’s better to push our bodies to the max for short periods of time and take little breaks in between.  For example: Do as many jumping jacks as you can in one min and take a 10 second break and do that over again for 4 minutes.  


The goal is to push your body and see how much you can do.  It is like a competition with yourself. In each session, we keep track of our repetitions and try to beat our last round each time.  

Reflections on the G-20 Summit

Some times pushing yourself is key to finding out your capabilities. Stepping up to the plate may be your defining moment. My name is Christopher Baez, and I have been an active member at FIERCE for a year. I am very passionate about social justice work and my objective is to bring our world together through organizing.