Mango Fever

Paris is Burning: Screening on the pier

Since 2005, FIERCE has been working to get programming on the pier for LGBTQ youth. Finally on Thursday June 25 2009 FIERCE was able to screen Paris is Burning on pier 46.


Paris Is Buring is a documentary about the ball room community culture in NYC and the many different houses that was involved in it around the late 80's.

Reflections from Big John

POC Leadership Roundtable Retreat
This past weekend the Audre Lorde Project, another amazing queer of color organizing in NYC, hosted their annual LGBTSTGNC People of Color Leadership Retreat at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and Little John and I were able to represent FIERCE.  Representatives from SISTAH (Sisters in Search of Alliance, and Harmony), the Northeast Two-Spirit Society, ICE (Inner Child Experience), PRIDE (Puerto Rican Initiative to Develop Empowerment), SALGA, (South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association, United Bristas of Unity, and GAPIMNY (Gay Asian Pacific Islander Men of New York) also attended, and we had such a great, productive retreat!

Power in the Pen

Why Community Board 2 Should Support Our White Paper

Hey everyone my name is Chey. I’m a member of FIERCE and I’m here right now to talk about why the pier is important to me. The pier is important to me because it is a place where I can go to escape and act like my true self. I grew up in a very accepting family but I was never really sure if society would be accepting of who I was. Not as a person but as a LGBTQ youth.

Pink and Proud!

How I became a FIERCE member
So I needed to do a project for a class I’m taking my senior year in high school. The project could be on anything I want, from how to play the guitar, to trying to save kids in Africa. One day I went on my Myspace and saw one of my buddies, FIERCE, had added new photos. Me being overtaken by Senioritis and procrastinating my homework, I clicked on the “New Pics” icon. I looked through their page and immediately I noticed the pink background, the hundreds of comments on their board, and “If you’re interested in joining FIERCE!, please call…”

We Are New York, We Are the Future!

RTTC Works To Get a Seat At the Table During Mayor Future of New York Luncheon
When Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered the keynote speech at a luncheon with a large group of the business elite – CEOs, heads of major law firms, lobbyists, developers and bankers – he expected applause, cheers, and perhaps a standing ovation for his ideas to fix New York City’s economy. He didn’t expect a coalition of grassroots organizations to roll 100 deep and crash his party. But that’s exactly what we did. 

FIERCE Prepares for 2009!

Hey folks it’s time for another update…
Campaign Steering Committee or (CSC), Team leaders Paul and Emerson recently facilitated their second CSC Team meetings on Thursday, November 20th at FIERCE. The meeting was a massive success. Topics included: orientation to the CSC team, team structure and planning a very fab-u-lous CSC Team Bonding and Planning day among the entire team….in the words of the famous Ballroom Scene Community, “girl it was a kiki…”

A Quick Update from One of Your Friendly CSC ELP3 Interns:

As many of you know, FIERCE has been engaged in a campaign for the past year to get a 24-hr LGBTQ youth center on the pier. After a year of attending meetings and making our presence heard in the community and to the Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) the board has decided to decline the Camp Group/ Urban Dove proposal that has been on the table since at least May 2007.