2010 Youth Organizing Summit, Dallas, TX

FIERCE has played a critical leadership role in creating queer and trans youth of color led spaces for LGBTQ Youth of Color leaders and organizers across the country to share skills, strategies and challenges, and build solidarity and collaboration to strengthen local organizing efforts. FIERCE continues to pioneer youth-led national movement building that builds unprecedented politically and culturally relevant LGBTQ youth of color accessible spaces.

As we intentionally and successfully integrate youth development as a value and skill into national movement building, we are developing grassroots community organizing expertise in a new generation of youth leaders. From modeling how to create safe, multi-issue, cross-regional queer and trans youth of color led spaces to exposing youth leaders to political education they have not had access to about LGBTQ movement history, FIERCE’s national work has sparked significant seeds of transformation as LGBTQ youth of color from across the country to see themselves as leaders a part of a broader movement; a movement they have agency in shaping while also breaking the isolation of their circumstances to have more access to supportive and affirming peers.

2013 Connect Our Roots Summit, Chicago, IL

Through organizing 5 youth-led gatherings (3 national, 2 regional) from 2012 - 2014, FIERCE’s key learning is in the evolution of a model for queer and trans youth of color skill-building, networking and multi-issue political education and landscape analysis.

National Youth-Led Movement Building