Mustafa Sullivan

Executive Director
(212) 601-1938

Mustafa was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York as a black Muslim. He moved to the Bronx in 2003 where he lived for eleven years. He started his work in the Bronx leading environmental justice work with black and latino youth in Van Cortlandt park and eventually joined Sistas and Brothas United (SBU) as a youth organizer in 2001. There he has been a lead organizer for multiple community and school based campaigns and eventually became the director; he stayed in SBU for a total of nine years. He is one of the founding organizers of the Urban Youth Collaborative and also worked with youth to open a high school called the Leadership Institute. In April 2010, he joined the Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ) as the National Campaign Organizer but was also a founding organizer of AEJ in 2008. He continues to stay involved in supporting the ongoing growth of SBU and some of AEJ's youth organizations in multiple areas across the country. In 2014, he joined the staff of the Gay Straight Alliance Network as the Director of National programs based in Oakland, California. He continues to work tirelessly to build an ongoing national movement of Trans Queer and Gender non conforming youth leaders to reinvent America's schools in multiple states across the US. He is also very active in the community as a featured artivist in Spectrum Queer Media. Outside of his organizing work he has been writing for over ten years by creating original plays, poems, short stories, and a novel he works on when he has the time. He believes the world can change using three ingredients: love, light, and revolution. He uses the tools he's learned from movement building with youth and communities of color who face multiple intersections of oppression through building intentional disciplined movements. He is excited to join FIERCE; an organization he looked up when he came out in the late 1990's and hopes to work with their membership to build the next generation of our movement’s leaders. He builds by using active listening, compassionate agitation, fearless strategy, carribean black gay muslim warrior wisdom.