In order to build and exercise our collective community power successfully for the long haul, we believe we must also take care of ourselves and one another as a community. Sustainability thus serves as a connecting thread thoughout our organizing work.

FIERCE’s Wellness & Sustainability programs aim to help build and foster a stronger and more stable sense of self and community for LGBTQ youth of color, who often face isolation as a result of our experiences of violence, being disowned by family, and economic hardship.

We value community-building events where people can meet others going through similar life experiences, get individual support, and get involved in opportunities that address the underlying reasons why our communities face so many challenges.

FIERCE’s Wellness & Sustainability programming consists of a variety of wellness-themed workshops.

  • FIERCE Fitness: provides free fitness to FIERCE members though our network of fitness providers and emphasizes accessible practices that can be done anywhere.
  • Wellness Wednesday: addresses issues affecting the body & soul and consists of workshops, such as crafting and art-making as a resilience practice and learning how to recognize signs of an abusive relationship and access support.
  • Future Friday: helps build helpful life skills, such a resume writing, budgeting, cooking skills and so on.

Referral Network:
FIERCE is not a service organization, but recognize our members’ needs to receive services. We work to build relationships with service organizations in the city in order to support members in accessing the resources they are looking for. We have supported members in gaining housing, jobs, mental and physical wellness opportunities, and educational opportunities.

When we can support members in stabilizing their lives, it improves their ability to strengthen and continue to develop their leadership at FIERCE and in other areas of their lives.

FIERCE members learn Capoeira on Pier 46 as part of our Safe Space Saves Lives Summer Programming, 2010