LGBTQ youth of color interrogate equality and how we create change

This year, FIERCE attended the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Conference in Baltimore, MD. Not newcomers to the conference, FIERCE has maintained a consistent presence for over six years, striving to create space and build capacity for LGBTQ youth-led community organizing.

My Creating Change Experience 2012

I have so much to say that I don’t even know where to start! Creating change was epic and the high light of my 17-year-old life! I remember looking at myself in the hotel room mirror and wondering if my mom was going to notice a change in my physical appearance from my experience and growth in wisdom that had occurred during that week. There were many factors that contributed to that feeling and the biggest one was for the first time in my life I was treated like an adult and was seen as an equal to members and staff of FIERCE who were significantly older than me.

Summing Up: Creating Change Conference 2012

As I stepped out of the crowded cab and onto the pavement in front of the Hilton, the scene looked mildly familiar.

A few queers huddled outside for a smoke, while others arrived in yellow vehicles periodically, just as we had. Every city, each hotel, same feeling. Muddled excitement was in the air even though it was Tuesday and attendees were few in number.


I’ve been to the Creating Change Conference through a few different avenues. First, through impromptu 13-hour-drives, sleeping on hotel carpets, fundraising/scrapping/university funds for social and academic learning, and finally as a member and workshop facilitator with FIERCE.


FIERCE Announces New Co-Directors!

FIERCE Welcomes New Leadership & Gears Up For Growth Ahead

The FIERCE Board of Directors is excited to announce the selection of two Co-Directors, Krystal Portalatin and Jai Dulani, to lead the organization.


“After an internal assessment, we made an organizational decision to move back to a Co-Director model, a structure we had from 2006 to 2007,” stated Yasmeen Perez, FIERCE’s outgoing Interim Director.  “We are excited to move forward with a shared leadership model that will allow for more sustainability and provide greater capacity to the organization.”

Creating Change with LGBTQ Youth

Strengthening our Movement

I would like to share some of my experience at this year Creating Change Conference that took place at Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I had very unique experience. During, the preparation meetings, I was able to build some really strong teamwork skills, explore many techniques about curriculum development, workshop group facilitation, and media and networking communications.

FIERCE Host Youth Organizing 101 Workshop at Creating Change

FIERCE travels to Minnesota for the 2011 Creating Change Conference!

FIERCE is excited to be participating in this year's Creating Change Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can catch FIERCE members and staff in action at the following events:


Friday Night Caucus - 6:30pm

Fabulous & Empowered: A Presentation of FIERCE’s Organizing Tool Kit and other Youth Organizing Models

Saturday Session - 9am

Youth Organizing 101 Workshop
Are you an LGBTQ youth of color looking to gain some knowledge on organizing? Then this workshop is for you!


Saturday Evening Fundraiser - 9pm

We'll also be going to the Dirty Queer Show III, a fundraiser for TYSN (Trans Youth Support Network) and FIERCE!

Thanks for an Amazing 2010!

Wishing You a Sweet & Joyful New Year

Dear FIERCE Supporters:

Can you believe that 2010 is almost over? What a milestone year!
This year, FIERCE celebrated a historic birthday and ten years of building the leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color. Since 2000, hundreds of queer and trans youth have found a political home at FIERCE. These young leaders believed, as current FIERCE members do, that LGBTQ youth must take leadership to address the violence and challenges we face, because we cannot afford to wait for things to get better on their own.
Today, FIERCE is proud to be one of the few organizations that empowers LGBTQ youth of color to take action and create the better world we yearn for and imagine.
As we wrap up the year and reflect on our accomplishments, we want to appreciate all of you, our amazing supporters! Thank you for your dedication and care through the years. We're so grateful for everything your love and encouragement has helped us achieve.

We hope you'll continue to support FIERCE into the next 10 years by making an end-of-year gift now. Click here to donate online
or you can mail a check to: FIERCE, 147 West 24th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY, 10011.

Commitment to Our Communities

Building LGBTQ Youth Power

Hello world. I’m Dany, a recent graduate of ELP 1 and ELP 2, and active FIERCE member.



My experience at FIERCE has truly been phenomenal. I am excited about my future with FIERCE because this organization truly embodies what it means to be committed to the community. We work very hard to provide for LGBTQ youth of color, a community with which we can feel at home in and not judged because of our race, economic stature, creed, gender identification, or sexual preference.